Rental Agreement 

  • Softplay area is designed for ages 0-4 years old.

  • Please note that all guests who enter the Soft Play Area/ Luxury Castles/ Ballpits SHOULD NOT have shoes, heels, food,cake, drinks, gum, candy, facepaint or sharps. 

  • Ladies, Please do not go in the Softplay area with your heels on, as they make holes in our mats, and will constantly have to be replaced. (Security Deposit Non-Refundable)

  • Luxury Ballpits & Deluxe Slides have their maximum age & weight on the Ballpit page, please check before booking.


  • There should not be any pushing,shoving, or rough play on equipment that could result in injury. 

  • Giggle Adventures is not responsible for any injuries (slips, falls) that may occur during the event. Children should be supervised at all times. This is the responsibility of the Renter, and other adults that will be present.